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Posting Selling Leads and Products

Posting your product images, specifications and descriptions on 1itrade.com increases your exposure to buyers. On 1itrade.com, a member can post multiple products.

Selling Lead means a Trade Lead posted by a seller. It can contain product information, availability, timelines and so forth. Trade Leads are sorted according to the date they are posted. This makes for a highly interactive and timely method to sell your products.

Posting Trade Leads

Use Selling Tools within My Account, or from other page by clicking on the "Post Products" link.

Free Members are allowed to post up to twenty products. Paid members can post unlimited products.

Posting Products

You can post Products in "Post a New Product" within My Account, or from many other pages by clicking on the "Post Products" link.

Upon publication, buyers will be able to see your Products and Selling Leads, to which they can reply. All of the buyers' messages will be sent to your own Message Center in My Account.

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